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Video Monitoring

Video Monitoring Services

Alarm verification via video monitoring is the way of the future. We are able to ascertain the cause of an alarm which will possibly save you the inconvenience of being woken up in the early hours of the morning, as well as the cost of any unnecessary patrol responses. Being able to confirm if an unauthorised person is on your property also assists us in providing this information to police to enable a response. The chances of catching any offender is also dramatically increased. In order to despatch police where there is no video verification, the events we receive must meet their strict response criteria. Normally there needs to be atleast 2 activations on 1 detection device, OR atleast 1 activation on 2 or more detection devices to enable a police response. Video Verification bypasses this requirement.
We can supply, install & monitor all of the below options.



RemoteGUARD is the latest in video monitoring. This system can be used as both a CCTV & an alarm system. RemoteGUARD will also allow the control room to communicate to any offenders or persons onsite, & alert them that they should not be on the property & that the appropriate authorities will been despatched if they do not leave immediately.

The RemoteGUARD CCTV system provides images of an exceptional quality which are not diminished when video is transmitted to either our control room or your personal smart phone.



Videofied is a 2G video monitoring solution that is completely wireless. This system can be installed in half the time compared to hard wired camera equipment. It can be set to automatically turn on & turn off at set times or in conjunction with your main alarm.

Videofied sends a 10 second black & white video clip to our control room where we can confirm the cause of the alarm. Videofied is a very cost effective way to have cctv monitoring for your premises.

CCTV – Camvex


A hardwired CCTV system can also be used to monitor your property. The equipment onsite can be integrated with your main alarm system. On receipt of an alarm, we can connect to your onsite cameras to determine the cause of the alarm, & perform a camera patrol if required.
This type of system can have maps intergrated to the CCTV system, this system can be analogue, IP or Hybrid (both IP and analogue cameras on the one system). SASG can also have HD cameras installed on an existing analogue system.

You can also connect to your system from your own compatable smart phone at any time.