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Residential Alarm Monitoring

Feel safe and at home with 24 hour alarm monitoring
Alarm Monitoring at Home

Whether you are at work or away, you can always count on us to look after your most important asset & your contents. We know that you cannot always attend to your property for an alarm activation, or it may be that you require a security industry professional to check on your behalf. That is why we are able to send an alarm response vehicle to your home. The officer will check to ensure that all perimeter doors & windows are secure & if keys are provided, conduct an internal inspection of your property to ensure that entry has not been gained from an unauthorised person. Your alarm can also be reset for your convenience.

Specialist Group can tailor a security system specifically to suit your requirements. We always recommend that residential alarm monitoring solutions include monitored smoke/fire detectors, for protection while you sleep. Listed below are the main types of alarm equipment that can be monitored:

  • Perimeter surveillance intruder detection
  • Interior motion detection
  • Glassbreak detection
  • Smoke / Fire detection
  • Magnetic Reed switches – windows & doors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Roller door contacts
  • Duress & Medical alarms
  • Videofied monitoring
  • Mobotix two-way speech

On top of this we can provide a system that allows for remote arming/disarming via your smartphone. This provides the most convenient security solution, offering smartphone access to your alarm history, and control over automated systems connected to the alarm, such as doors, lights and gates. Click for more information on AlarmLINK

Specialist Group understands that the protection of your family is paramount. That’s why we offer a range of personal security products that can enhance the safety of your loved ones. These devices and smartphone applications allow individuals to carry their own personal panic alarm for emergency situations, perfect for elderly relatives or young people worried about personal safety. Family security solutions include a family tracking application that provides peace of mind to parents, and 24/7 monitored protection for their children. Visit for more information

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You may be able to receive a reduction on your insurance premium with a monitored alarm system

Monitored smoke/fire detectors often reduce the rate even further

In our experience, monitored smoke detectors save lives – protect yourself before the worst happens